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Top Grossing Plays in Broadway

If you are looking for the best plays in the world, Broadway always comes to mind. Of course, the Paardenkathedraal is still your second love for local plays. But the Broadway is renowned for having the highest budget when it comes to plays. Because of this, they have also gained popularity as having plays earning most compared to other theaters.

What are the top grossing plays that were shown in Broadway?

lion king

The Lion King

Who would have thought that the story about a lion who was lost as a cub and went back to his kingdom to get the crown that he once lost would be the top-earning Broadway show of all time? With over $1.4 M in ticket sales, it is indeed the top-grossing show in Broadway.

The songs in the movie are really captivating. At the onset, the Circle of Life soundtrack really captured the theme of the movie. The raising of the new cub that is the heir of all the kingdom that his father, Mufasa, has as the lion. The antagonist of the movie, Scarface, is still one of the iconic characters of all time. And the story is really relatable for all of us. Because of the bad things that we do, we are afraid to go back to face the people that we have wronged and to take responsibility for everything that happened.


wickedAnother fantasy-related play, Wicked is the back story of the witches who first came at the Wizard of Oz story. Wicked really gave life to the so-called villains of the story. Even villains have characteristics which made them what they are in the stories of other people. The Wizard of Oz may have portrayed the witches as evil but the truth is that they are who they are because of the things that made them who they are.

Wicked first burst into the Broadway scene in 2003 and has never looked back ever since. It has earned over $1.19 M in the stage as of 2018.

The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the opera needs to be on a dating site to get a real date instead of helping an opera singer get a part in a play. Earning over $1.15 M in its total run, the Phantom of the Opera has sealed its position as one of the top-earning Broadway plays of all time.