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About Us

Paardenkathedraal has become a theater for around thirty years. Before 1994 when Paardenkathedraal was founded, it was a riding school. Much like people on dating site do, horses were introduced and developed in this same theater. People who want to learn how to ride a horse were also trained and taught here. It was really quite an amazing feat to turn this riding school into what is now known as one of the most popular theaters in all of Utrecht.

A veterinary faculty school

Paardenkathedraal is still now famously known as the Horse Cathedral because of its previous setup. As a riding school, horses were seen coming and going inside the theater. But do you know that before it was a riding school, this theater building was established originally as a faculty school for veterinary medicine? Yes, that is right. This is why it was easier to convert it into accommodation of horses because the facilities were quite the same.


Today, it is one of the best-known landmarks in Utrecht. The Paardenkathedraal has a neo-gothic structure which people love and adore. People would often say that the Paardenkathedraal is their second love. This is because local and national actors have performed in the theater.
De Paardenkathedraal is the resident theater company performing at the Paardenkathedraal. Numerous plays are being shown here every month. You have to reserve a seat at least a month before the showing to make sure that you can watch the show.