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Veeartsenijstraat 155 Utrecht
Mon to Fri : 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Paardenkathedraal is the best theater in all of Utrecht. It has a neo-gothic rectangular building with amazing exterior designs as well as interior decorations. You will be astonished as to how this riding school building has been transformed into an entertainment building that showcases the talents of both local and international artists. Develop a second love for the theater through Paardenkathedraal.

Different play every month

We are opening our doors to both first-time theatergoers as well as avid fans of the red curtain. Some may be intimidated by the setup that most theaters have. Being an established theater company for over fifteen years, we have come to realize that the theater is something that anyone can develop a liking for. It is like what dating sites promote. Unless you can open yourself up to new experiences, you will never grow as a person and create new opportunities for physical, mental, and emotional advancement.

We like to encourage people who have never entered a theater before to try and come to our plays. It will be quite an interesting and awesome experience for you. It will feel like home for some as they will see familiar faces on the stage. This is because we also reach out to aspiring actors and actresses who want to fulfill their dreams of show business by starring in their plays. We love honing skills and developing local talent. As a theater company, this is also part of our responsibility as an entertainment provider in Utrecht and all of the Netherlands.

See our schedule in advance to find out the play topics and description that we show every month. We have had a wide array of topics for our plays. We have tackled dating sites, running for office, plays on love and relationships, and other current trends.